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  This morning I sat down with a sweet friend who will be beginning her homeschool journey soon.  We had a lovely time chatting through what my homeschool days look like and why I chose to do things the way I do.  Later I decided to type it[…]

Nuts are full of life-giving vitamins and minerals, fiber, fats, and protein, but have you ever noticed that when you eat a few too many they can tend to sit very heavily in the stomach?  This is because nuts contain numerous enzyme inhibitors that can make digestion a[…]

no-knead sourdough loaf

This recipe for a no-knead sourdough loaf is definitely a favorite! Because honestly, what could make a person happier than warm, crusty sourdough bread slathered in butter? Nothing. At all. In the whole wide world. Unless, of course, it were warm, crusty sourdough bread slathered in butter ~[…]


Making Sourdough Work for Your Real Life This post is about how I make sourdough work in my real-life kitchen. I am not a sourdough expert. At all. So, if you are looking for a post about how to bake a loaf of bread that will wow your[…]


Over the years we’ve been gluten-free and at times even grain-free,, but at present our family is able to enjoy a moderate amount of grains without any adverse effects.  And boy are we happy to have our bread back!!  Come along as I explain how and why we[…]

Traditional Preparation of Grains, Beans, and Nuts

Whole Grains, Beans, and Nuts are Healthy, Right? Well, yes… and no. In recent years it has become quite well known that whole grains are by far more nutritious than refined grains.  This is because the nutrients found in grains are highly concentrated in the hull (or outer[…]

holistic-living resources

Our Favorite All-Natural, Holistic-Living Resources Transitioning to a toxin-free home and lifestyle can be more than a little overwhelming.  That’s why we’ve created this list of all natural, holistic-living resources.  Over the years we have thoroughly researched the very best wellness products for our family… NOT an easy[…]

Calling all homebodies!!! We all know that we need consistent daily exercise for optimal health, no? But for some of us, getting to the gym every day, or even a few times a week is difficult to manage.  When I was younger, stopping at the gym on the[…]

homeschool resources

 Our Homeschool Resources I so admire the homeschoolers of the 1980s and 90s.  Those mamas had to scrap it together!  And they did!  By the grace of God they forged a way for those of us who would follow.  Now days, those of us homeschooling in the 21st[…]

Homestead Kitchen

Our Favorite Traditional Foods / Homestead Kitchen Resources Learning to prepare whole, traditional foods can be overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to keep to a budget and feed a growing family at the same time.  That’s why I’ve created this list of my favorite homestead kitchen resources to[…]

Homestead Resources

Our Favorite Homestead Resources, Tried and True Trial and error is an expensive and frustrating way to find the best homesteading tools, gear, supplies, and books.  And let’s face it, learning how to homestead from scratch is overwhelming enough as it is.  That’s why we’ve created this list[…]

raw, grass-fed milk

Once upon a time all milk was raw milk.  They called it “milk”… not “organic” “grass-fed” or “raw”, though of course it was all of those things.  Human beings have been drinking raw, grass-fed milk for thousands of years.  It has been known to be among the most[…]

Natural Remedies for Occasional Illness and Minor Injuries

We are ALWAYS surrounded by pathogens.  ALWAYS! !!! The key to staying healthy is NOT to avoid or destroy germs, but to boost the body’s own natural defenses. Typically, if we provide the body with nourishment from nutrient-dense food, fresh air, clean water, proper exercise and rest, the[…]

Soothing an Irritated Gut

Healing Leaky Gut If you suffer from ANY chronic, inflammatory disease or disorder (like: eczema, psoriasis, asthma, arthritis, high blood pressure, IBS, hormone imbalances, ANY form of auto-immunity or mental illness)  it is pretty safe to say that leaky gut is at the root of your troubles. Read[…]

What is Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut Have you heard the term leaky gut?  Are you wondering what on earth it means? Well, it actually means pretty much what it sounds like.  Kinda gross, huh? Basically, it’s the root cause of nearly every modern, chronic, inflammatory disease. The Gut Wall Just as a[…]

DIY Italian Sausage Seasoning

Butchering Day Each year I look forward to butchering day with both anticipation and dread. We always do our very best to extend our prized Italian sausage until the next year’s butchering, but it’s not easy.  Around here, we LOVE sausage and we tend to eat it all up[…]

DIY Taco Seasoning

Taco Night It’s the second best night of the week, at least at our house. Second only to Pizza Night, of course.  It seems to me that most families have tacos on the menu frequently, if not weekly.  And why not?  It’s quick, easy, and pleases the whole[…]

DIY Seasoning Mix

We spend Wednesday afternoons with Grandma nearly every week, and often stop to play for the morning with friends on the way.  It was just such a Wednesday morning when my dear friend Julie invited us to stay for lunch.  She had extra eggs and some avocado… and for[…]

Homeschool Questions

Have you ever wished that you could take a peek inside the lives of a variety of homeschooling families?  Well, today’s your lucky day!  Kandace, from the Schoolin’ Reyes has rounded up a diverse group of homeschooling mamas to answers 5 of the most common homeschooling questions… including[…]

Eat Real Food on a Budget

So you’re convinced.  You know that regular grocery store meat is produced under devastating conditions.  You know that it’s toxic.  And in contrast, you know that high quality animal protein is one of the best ways to nourish your family with superior nutrition. Off you go to the local[…]