Starting an (Optional) Home Business with Young Living Essential Oils

home business

When you sign up as a wholesale member with Young Living,

there is absolutely no obligation to start an essential oils business!



But, if you’d like to earn extra income sharing oils with others.. GO FOR IT!  The sky’s the limit!

So many families have found that it is VERY possible to build a profitable, purposeful, part-time or full-time business sharing their love of essential oils with others.

At Young Living there are lots of wholesale members who just love to buy oils.  That’s it.  They don’t want a business and they don’t have to have one!

There are also lots of distributors who are able to cover the cost of their family’s oils, simply by occasionally telling others about Young Living and getting paid for their referrals.

Then there are those families.. the ones who have chosen to build a home business.  Maybe because they were looking for a way to pay off their school loans.  Maybe they were tired of their car payment. Whatever the reason, many of these families found that their businesses were able to provide much more than they had originally expected!  Many of these families have been so blessed by their Young Living businesses that they’ve been able to do things like pay off their MORTGAGES and bring their husbands home to retire early.  When I say the sky’s the limit.  I’m not kidding!

home business

You may be inclined to think that this is the exception, but it’s really not.  It is absolutely possible for anybody!


In fact, many of Young Living’s most successful distributors started their businesses accidentally!  ?!??

They loved the products so much that they naturally told their friends and family all about them.. then maybe the lady in line at the grocery store and the other moms at preschool pick-up… before long, Young Living started sending them checks in the mail! 


home business

I would LOVE to support you with everything you need to get started!

Not only get started, but I’d love to walk alongside you as you build your business. 

As a part of our team you will receive one-on-one support, training, inspiration, and practical help!

Young Living is an unbelievably life-giving, supportive community of like-minded people who want to support each other in every way they can…. and it’s contagious!

Maybe you’re thinking…

I’d love to start a home business… but I’m not a salesperson!

Yes you are.

You totally are.  You’re just not getting paid for it.  You tell people about your favorite things all the time.  “Cute shoes!  Where’d you get them?”  … right?

I think what you mean is that you don’t want to chase down your friends and family to make them buy your stuff…

Am I right?

I don’t want to be that person either.

And with Young Living, I don’t have to be.  I am not responsible for keeping or selling any inventory.  I am not responsible for ordering or shipping any products.  If I tell someone about Young Living and they decide they’d like to make a purchase,  I direct them to the Young Living website where they’ll enter my distributor # and order their own products that will be shipped directly to their own homes.

So easy.

If things are slow to start and I’m not doing as well as I hoped… it’s okay!  I’m not going to have my account closed or receive any penalties.  I can simply wait until a smoother season of life and try again.  There is absolutely no reason at all to hound people!

No pressure!  Young Living is so great!

I don’t have to throw parties or pressure people to host parties.


All that’s required at Young Living is that you love the oils and let others know how they’ve helped you.

Listen when people talk to you.  Do they have a need that you could help meet?

That’s all it is.


Great products sell themselves.

And when you find people who are excited to try the oils, be ready to teach them the basics – because it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out when and how to use all these pretty little bottles.  But don’t think that in order to help others you have to know everything.  You really don’t.  We’ll make sure you have everything you need to point others in the right direction.

home business

But aren’t network marketing companies all a bunch of scams???

Well there were some.

That’s the problem.

There were companies back in the 80s who built their businesses without selling a product! 

As in, there were a whole lot of people paying to be a part of a pyramid, but there was no actual business, nothing being sold, and no one making money.. except of course for the genius at the top.

It was a scam.

And now, network marketing will forever be associated with “pyramid scheme”.

But here’s the thing.  Most businesses are shaped like a pyramid.. just without the scheme.

Think of the traditional corporate business model (or ministry, or non-profit, or university, or…) ~


Pyramid, no?

It’s not the pyramid that’s the problem.

So what’s the difference?

What makes network marketing any different from traditional business models?

  • One difference is that in a traditional corporate model there usually isn’t much hope for those entering at the bottom of the pyramid to EVER make it to the top.  How many people are flipping burgers at MacDonald’s so that one day they can become shareholders?  That’s not the way it works, right?  But at Young Living there’s plenty of room at the top and as many people as choose to put in the time and effort can achieve their dreams.  Not only that, but most traditional business models thrive on a spirit of competition and there is always the temptation to step on other people to reach the top.  At Young Living though, the only way to get to the top is to encourage and support others along the way.  There is such a strong spirit of community and friendship.
  • Network marketing companies often sell high-end products that require a bit of education.  Products like these wouldn’t sell well off the shelf ~ and if they did, people may not know how to use them properly.  When you buy a product from a network marketing company you’ll also be receiving one on one support from a person who is interested in helping you to use and enjoy the product rather than a customer service representative who could probably care less.
  • There is also a misunderstanding that because a product is sold through network marketing, consumers will have to pay more for it in order to pay the multiple levels of distributors.  This seems logical, but it actually isn’t true.  In a traditional corporate model, the company itself usually only gets to keep about 20-30% of each sale.  Approximately 20% will go to the store that sells the product.  The remaining 50-60% will be divided up among the distributors, warehouses, etc… ~ But at Young Living, about 50% of the sale is used to pay for packaging, warehouse, customer service, events, book-keeping, etc.. while the other 50% is dispersed among the levels of distributors…  In other words, less money is wasted on middle men and more money goes to pay those who love, use, and share the product.  It’s pretty clever I think.

Are all network marketing companies created equal?

No.  It’d probably be a good idea to do your homework.

But the illegal pyramid schemes of the 80s are gone now.  We’ve got government oversight to see to that.

And some network marketing companies, like Young Living, are full of awesome people who genuinely use and love the products ~ so much so ~ that they’ve been able to build purposeful, profitable, life-giving businesses by sharing about those products with others.

Check out this video to better understand the Young Living compensation plan.

Home Business

I’d like to start a home-based business with Young Living.

What do I have to do?

essential oils storage

  • Next, dive into that kit and get to know your oils!  Use them.  Are they helping your family to ditch toxic cleaning supplies and personal care products?  Are they easing your headaches or calming your children?  However it is that the oils bless your family… start telling others all about it!
  • In order to qualify to receive any commissions or referral payments you’ll need to spend at least 100 PV ($100) per month on essential oils.  You’ll want to do that anyway so you’ll have plenty to use and share with others. Sharing is the BEST way to get others interested in oils. If you are planning to actively share about the oils, though, you’ll likely find that this $100/month is quickly covered by referral payments. ~And the first three months you will receive your commissions and referrals regardless of whether you have 100 PV ~ It’s a grace period.
  • Then just go about building your business in a way that fits well with your personal strengths and circumstances.
    • If you’ve got a blog, make a landing page for your oils and let people know about it.
    • Consider teaching a free class at a local coffee shop or library about essential oils.
    • Make & Takes are a fun way to introduce friends to essential oils and send them home with a gift.
    • Most importantly, LISTEN to the people you interact with every day.
    • And PRAY for the Lord to give you opportunities to speak into the lives of others in a way that will bless them.

We’ve got resources for all of these things in our private Facebook group.  

No need to re-invent the wheel!

We’ve got scripts, examples, and training, ideas for Make & Takes, tips for creating images to share online, and of course lots of resources to help you learn how to use your oils  We’ll teach you all about the company and give you proven strategies for building a business.

We’ve got you covered friend!

And if at any time you change your mind.. no penalties whatsoever.  Young Living’s awesome like that.  🙂

Once you’ve ordered your kit, I’ll be contacting you to see if you’d be interested in a private phone consultation ~ no cost.  I’d love to hear your about your dreams, goals, fears, whatever’s on your heart.  I’d also love to add you to our private Facebook group.  Feel free to ask questions in the comments below, send me an email, or find us on Facebook.

I’d love to hear from you!



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