Over the years we’ve been gluten-free and at times even grain-free,, but at present our family is able to enjoy a moderate amount of grains without any adverse effects.  And boy are we happy to have our bread back!!  Come along as I explain how and why we[…]

Traditional Preparation of Grains, Beans, and Nuts

Whole Grains, Beans, and Nuts are Healthy, Right? Well, yes… and no. In recent years it has become quite well known that whole grains are by far more nutritious than refined grains.  This is because the nutrients found in grains are highly concentrated in the hull (or outer[…]

Homestead Kitchen

Our Favorite Traditional Foods / Homestead Kitchen Resources Learning to prepare whole, traditional foods can be overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to keep to a budget and feed a growing family at the same time.  That’s why I’ve created this list of my favorite homestead kitchen resources to[…]

raw, grass-fed milk

Once upon a time all milk was raw milk.  They called it “milk”… not “organic” “grass-fed” or “raw”, though of course it was all of those things.  Human beings have been drinking raw, grass-fed milk for thousands of years.  It has been known to be among the most[…]

Eat Real Food on a Budget

So you’re convinced.  You know that regular grocery store meat is produced under devastating conditions.  You know that it’s toxic.  And in contrast, you know that high quality animal protein is one of the best ways to nourish your family with superior nutrition. Off you go to the local[…]

High Quality Protein from Sustainable Sources

Choosing high quality protein from sustainable sources can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many labels:  “Grass-fed,” “100% Grass-Fed,” “100% All Natural,” “Organic,”  “Free Range”…  Which labels matter?  Are they all the same?  Maybe you’re not even convinced it’s worth the extra cost and hassle.  Join me[…]

Saturated Fat & Cholesterol

Life without Saturated Fat & Cholesterol There was a time in my life when I counted calories, chose skim milk in my lattes, the low-fat box of crackers, and the highest fiber cereal.  As far as was within my control,  I completely avoided those two notorious villains.  You know who I[…]

traditional foods

Why Traditional Foods? “Recent studies show the benefits of soy…” “Tips for how to avoid cholesterol…” “Enjoy low-calorie snacks, like non-fat yogurt…” I often hear these kinds of recommendations on the local radio station, in the magazines at the dentist’s office,  or on fliers at the local library… And[…]