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Hi, I’m Ashley.

Once upon a time, my family and I lived a normal American life, full of normal American conveniences…

You know, things like microwaves, boxed cereal, and tap water.

Normal things like that.

We had no idea that these and many other conveniences were making us sick.

We thought we were living a pretty healthy lifestyle, actually.  We drank lots of water, ate our vegetables and whole grains.

We even limited our boxed brownie mix to Friday nights.

Pretty healthy, right?

We thought so.


Until our children, one by one, developed severe eczema.

Really severe eczema!

I got a bit of it myself along with a thyroid problem and unrelenting fatigue.

Suddenly, what was already a challenge (4 kids in under 5 years) became unbearable.

We looked to several medical doctors for answers, but were disappointed to find that they didn’t seem to know any more than we did.  They prescribed some creams and pills, but couldn’t answer basic questions like, “What is this?”  and “What’s causing this?”

After years of prayer, research, and a great deal of trial and error, we finally found healing.

(Read more about our battle with eczema here.)

We found quite a bit more than that, actually.

We found a completely different lifestyle than the one we once had.

Nothing is the same.

No stone has been left unturned.

From the food we eat and the way we prepare it,

to the way we clean, shop, spend our time, and deal with illness.

We even had the wild idea to pack up and move out to the country.

Slowly, one bit at a time, we changed nearly everything about our lifestyle… and never looked back!


We are thrilled with this new life we’re living, but it took time to get here.

We were absolutely overwhelmed at so many points along the way, with no one to guide us.

Most of the information we needed had to be dug up bit by bit, entirely on our own.

So many dead ends. 

So much wasted time.


Our desire now is to share with you all we’ve learned about:

nourishing traditional foods

holistic wellness

keeping a pasture-based, sustainable homestead of your own

so that making these changes for your family might be less complicated than it was for ours.

We want to provide you with all the information and resources you need to live a less toxic, more abundant life, free from the burden of chronic illness… whether you’re on a homestead, in a subdivision, or even in a city apartment.  It is possible to live in a healthy, holistic way that nourishes goodness and life.

Along the way, we’ve gained not only a healthier lifestyle, but a whole new appreciation for how wonderfully we are made and how completely God has provided for all our needs within the beautiful patterns of nature.

Each and every leaf and stalk on this green earth has a purpose… is a gift from our Father who loves us.

Does He provide for our healing through miraculous answers to prayer?  Yes!

But He has also provided more than we can imagine to support our wellness and provide for our healing simply through the patterns of nature.

It’s shocking how quickly our bodies can right themselves once they are given the nourishment they were intended by our Creator to have.

We are, once again, in awe of Him who made us.

White BarnNow we’re busy settling in and making a home for ourselves here at Wildflower Wood,

a place where we’re daily seeking (in a rather fumbly, yet persistent way)

to fill our bellies, guard our hearts, and restore this little patch of land to the SPECTACULAR GLORY of our God!


Come along with us as we take back a little bit of what’s been lost, one beautifully ordinary day at a time!


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