Why I Choose Young Living Essential Oils for My Family

Young Living Essential Oils

Why I Choose Young Living Essential Oils for My Family

Not all essential oils are created equal!  In fact, the essential oils market is almost completely unregulated.  Because of this, essential oils are commonly tainted, diluted, or otherwise compromised.  Words like ‘Pure’ on the label are meaningless unless they are verified by third party testing.  In order to be labeled ‘100% Pure Essential Oil’ in the United States, only 5% of the contents must be essential oil!  So if the oils you’ve used in the past seemed ineffective, or worse – caused a negative reaction, this may be why!

The distillation process used by most essential oil companies can be especially problematic.  Most often, essential oils are distilled using high heat and/or chemical solvents to extract the oils as quickly as possible.  You can imagine how this would denature the fragile therapeutic properties of the oils… after all, what happens if you boil your veggies?  All of the heat-sensitive vitamins are destroyed, right?  It’s the same for essential oils.

As if this isn’t bad enough, most companies repeatedly distill oils from the same plants three, four, even five times!  This would be similar to brewing the same coffee grounds over and over and over again.  How much would you enjoy that last cup of coffee??

Young Living Essential Oils

The vast majority of essential oils on the market are simply fragrance.  They have no therapeutic qualities whatsoever and may even contain harmful chemicals.  THIS is why you see so many warnings associated with essential oils:

“NEVER Ingest essential oils!  Don’t even use them straight on your skin!  For sure don’t use them if you’re pregnant!  And don’t even think about using them on babies!!!”

This is good advice!  I wouldn’t want those tainted oils on my baby either!

Young Living, however,  is committed to producing the highest quality essential oils in the world!  Their oils truly are 100% pure, therapeutic grade, safe and  highly effective!

I love that I can use Young Living essential oils freely and liberally on all members of my family without worrying about dilution charts and safety warnings.  Such freedom!  (Read here about the few, common sense safety guidelines to follow when using Young Living oils.)


How Young Living Maintains the Highest Quality Essential Oils on the Market

High quality, therapeutic grade essential oils (ie: essential oils that will actually impact your health) are rare!  Young Living uses a process called “Seed to Seal” to guarantee that they have been vigilant in producing and protecting the therapeutic qualities of their oils.

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living owns their own sustainable farms all over the world.  This gives them complete control over everything from the variety of seeds chosen, to cultivation methods, to harvesting and distillation.  In fact, Young Living’s independent testing is so stringent that only about 30% of what is grown and distilled is actually bottled!  The other 70% (because it falls below YL’s standards for one reason or another) is recycled as an all natural pesticide on their fields.  ~ This fact, by the way, is how they ran away with my heart!  <3 <3 <3

Young Living Essential Oils

Does this sound too good to be true?  Young Living has an open-door policy for all of their farms.  If you happen to ever be in their neck of the woods, stop on by and see the whole process for yourself!

Young Living Essential Oils

God-honoring, soil-building, sustainable farming is a movement close to our hearts!  We are so happy to support a company who is as committed to the restoration of the God’s green earth as we are!  We’re even happier to have access to these outstanding oils for our family!

Young Living Essential Oils

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