Our Homestead

Here at Wildflower Wood Homestead we are committed to the restoration of this little patch of land and the proper care of all its many inhabitants.

For that reason, our homestead garden, orchard, and pastures are tended without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

We use no antibiotics, steroids, hormones, or genetically modified grains.

We believe that these conveniences come with serious consequences.

They destroy not only our land and animals, but our own health as well.

What’s more, when we cooperate with the systems God has already put into place, we find that these harmful methods usually aren’t needed.

White Barn

For us, it’s organic or bust.

So, naturally, sometimes it’s bust…

But we’re starting to get the hang of it.

Children working in homestead garden

 To the best of our ability we allow the animals on this homestead to live as intended by God.

Around here, pigs root for acorns and goats chew the bark off of trees.

Cows eat GRASS and chickens scratch for bugs.

Barn cats catch mice and even our trusty farm dog has a share in the bones from butchering day.

And EVERYBODY is out on the grass in the sunshine!

We don’t believe that God is pleased when His creatures are confined, debeaked (yes, that’s a thing), or in any other way mistreated simply for the ease and convenience of man.

These creatures are gifts to us from our Heavenly Father and we believe His design for them is perfect.

We believe that goats climb to the glory of God.

Ducks swim, flap, quack to the glory of God.

Roosters strut to the glory of God…

Just make sure you always keep an eye on him.  Ask me how I know.

We sincerely believe that all their quirky behaviors have a purpose within the Creator’s plan for this earth.

Meanwhile, all these barnyard friends of ours are busy fertilizing the pasture… s-l-o-w-l-y turning this hard-as-a-rock Indiana clay back into something like that precious top soil that was lost generations ago.

Well that’s our hope anyway.

And we get to stand back and watch God’s perfect plan in action.

It’s like a tiny window into what the world must have been before it fell all to pieces.  Everyday we find another reason to be in awe of our Creator.

Okay, just kidding.

We don’t exactly get to “stand back.”

But while we’re clipping hooves, carrying water buckets, cleaning out stalls, weeding the lettuce, and hunting for missing eggs in the hay loft, we’re getting glimpse after glimpse of the GLORY of God in the patterns He so perfectly designed.

Come along with us and we’ll share with you everything we’ve learned.

We want to encourage and equip you with the information and resources you need to establish a homestead of your very own.


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