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If you’ve had a chance to take a peek around the blog you are probably already aware that we are pretty focused on health and wellness here at Wildflower Wood.  We have spent the past 8 years transforming the health of our family through diet and lifestyle changes.  (Read: Our Eczema Story Throughout that time, we’ve seen remarkable healing through simply removing toxins from our home and choosing to eat only real food.  Along the way, we fell in love with this more natural lifestyle, so much so that we decided to pack up and move out here to the country where we have the freedom to grow our own food in a sustainable way.

All of this has brought about a whole new level of wellness in our lives.  But despite all our efforts, there were a handful of lingering health challenges that we just could not get a handle on.  We tried herbs, homeopathic remedies, supplements of every description, and had just about exhausted our holistic resources when a friend introduced me to Young Living essential oils.

Now, I’ve been using essential oils for years, maybe you have too.  I put them in my homemade cleaning supplies and kept a few around the house to use for scrapes, and coughs, and stuffy noses… although really, we never noticed any therapeutic benefits.  It was nice to have something to give the kids for their various ouchies and illnesses (everybody wants to feel loved, right?) but I knew we were really just biding time for the virus to pass or for the ouchie to scab over.  Never did I see that the oils were making any remarkable difference in the situation.  In fact, at times I wondered if they may actually be causing irritation.  Mostly they just sat on the shelf.

All of that changed when we began using Young Living essential oils.  I immediately noticed the very real effects of the oils.  They were truly helping our bodies to heal more quickly and completely.  I was seeing a big difference with those scrapes, and coughs, and stuffy noses, but the greatest shock of all was that some of those lingering health concerns… the ones that I just could not seem to get at with everything else we tried… they were slowly fading!

You see, when you choose an essential oil, you may be applying it to help with a specific problem, let’s say seasonal sinus trouble, but because the oils are working to promote overall wellness in your body, you begin to see your hormones becoming more balanced, or you notice that you haven’t been getting those frequent headaches lately, or that you have more energy in the afternoons.  I LOVE this about essential oils!  It is simply not that crucial that you choose the correct oil to match your complaint.  The important thing is that you are using a variety oils everyday.  They’ll be working to support every system in your body and you’ll begin to notice changes all over the place!

If you feel like everyone’s been talking about Young Living essential oils… it’s because they work!


Ready to learn about how Young Living essential oils work so well?


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